Vibrating Rod Level Sensor Meets CSA Standards

BinMaster Level Controls has released the standard VR-21 vibrating rod level sensor and solid extended VR-41 vibrating rod level sensor. The sensors have been approved in the U.S. and Canada to CSA standards for Class II, Division I, Groups E, F and G for hazardous locations.
Enclosure-type certifications for these models include NEMA 4X, 5 and 12. This vibrating rod level switch is used to detect high-level, mid-level and/or low-level in bins, silos and hoppers containing powders or dry bulk solid materials.

BinMaster’s single-rod probe design features a sword-shaped probe that resists bridging of material that can occur with tuning forks designs. This piezoelectric-driven vibrating rod has very low energy, so it won’t “dig a hole” and cause a false alarm. It features three sensitivity settings and can reliably detect very light materials with bulk densities.

It has dual conduit entries for easy wiring, an LED status indicator light to indicate sensor status and a switch-selectable high/low fail-safe. The VR-21 model has a standard 7.37-inch probe and can be used for low-, mid- and high-level detection. The VR-41 can be used for high-level detection and is mounted on the top of the bin. It features a rigid, extended probe that can be custom made in lengths up to 13 feet.

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