Transmitter System Provides Users With Several Sensor Options

Pendotech’s PressureMAT is a monitor, alarm and transmitter system designed for use with Pendotech single-use pressure sensors. It includes the control-system box with user interface and the connectors on the back panel where input and output components can be interfaced. Options include models with up to four pressure sensor inputs; the PMAT PLUS models for three pressure sensors and one flowmeter (pressureMAT3-PLUS) and the PMAT2-PLUS with inputs for two pressures, one flowmeter and one 4-20mA.

The process pressure is displayed on the LCD display with a range of -7 to 75 psi. Pressure can also be displayed in bars. The PMAT3 and PMAT4 models can optionally display Delta-pressure of P1-P2 or the trans-membrane pressure (TMP). These calculated values can also have alarm set points and can be transmitted.

Minimum and maximum pressures are entered on the key pad, and if the process pressure goes below the minimum setting or above the maximum setting, the system will go into alarm state. The alarm function includes a flashing indicator on the display, an audible tone for 30 seconds, and a relay output that can be used for activation of an external solenoid or tubing pinch valve. Alarm latching is optional.

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