Online Process Viscometer Provides Continuous Process Measurement

Hydramotion has enhanced its XL7 range of online process viscometers. The XL7 offers continuous viscosity measurement with high resolution, repeatability and minimal maintenance. New to the range is the option of an integral temperature sensor, enabling the simultaneous monitoring of fluid temperature and calculation of temperature-corrected viscosity without the need for a separate thermowell.

With viscosity so dependent on temperature, the facility for measuring both at the same point offers a significant accuracy advantage, especially where measurement conditions may be changing unpredictably from minute to minute. The XL7 always operates at process temperature, which eliminates the chance of potential errors arising from localized cooling of the fluid. The high-temperature HT2 model can be used at up to 842 degrees Fahrenheit without special cooling.

Unaffected by flow rate or bubbles of air or gas and with no moving parts to wear out or fail in service, the XL7 is a “bolt-on-and-go” device requiring no spares and no accessories.  It is factory-calibrated to certified viscosity standards traceable to NIST, so it requires no on-site calibration.

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