Automation Engineering Suite Enables Enterprisewide Collaboration

Rockwell Automation will release the Rockwell Software Studio 5000 unified engineering and design environment in late November. Software Studio 5000 provides a framework for engineering collaboration. It sets the foundation for design tools that allow engineers to enter configuration and programming information only once, and then leverage it across their entire control system architecture from design to operation to maintenance.

The debut of Studio 5000 software includes the Logix Designer application for programming and configuration of Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5570 and CompactLogix 5370 programmable automation controllers. Later versions will provide applications for other engineering tasks, such as HMI development, library management for reusable components, information integration and more.

The Studio 5000 environment was designed to create an optimal level of integration within the Integrated Architecture system. Optimal integration is possible by embedding features such as program comments and descriptions, and a new alarm log, directly in the controller.

The new environment taps additional memory storage capacity in the latest generation of Logix controllers so program comments, for example, that describe the functionality of each line of code, can be maintained directly in the controller without reducing available user memory. Now, a complete project can be stored in the controller, with comments correlated for multiple users, reducing time and effort related to maintenance and troubleshooting.

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