Sequence CPUs Offer High-Speed Execution

Yokogawa has launched the latest addition to its FA-M3 PLC family, the Vitesse Controller, featuring scan speeds clocked executing 100,000 program steps in 1 ms. With an onboard Ethernet port, USB port and an SD card slot, the FA-M3V is designed to handle large amounts of data on an SD card or over FTP with client/server functions.

Communications with Modbus TCP/IP devices can be achieved through the built-in Ethernet port, as well as programming and remote OME (operation, maintenance and engineering). Up to 100 traces can be set, allowing accurate analysis of large amounts of operation data.

By inserting an SD card into a slot on the FA-M3V CPU module, it is possible to automatically log data in a trace setting file that can be later used to troubleshoot problems and debug programs. Without connecting to a PC, remote maintenance can be performed by e-mailing trace setting and results files.

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