Rotameters Measure Low Flow Rates

Brooks Instrument has added a new low-flow rate option for its MT3809 armored rotameters, making them capable of accurately measuring flow rates as low as 5 L/h of air and 0.08 L/h of water. Suited for high pressure, high temperature and other demanding applications where safety is a concern, the MT3809 armored rotameters provide ±2% full scale flow accuracy, and are capable of measuring high- and low-temperature fluids. 

Other options available with the new low-flow option include HART communications from very low to high flow ranges; a 316 stainless steel indicator housing suited for corrosive atmosphere applications; and a transmitter option. The MT3809 rotameter can handle process fluid temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius or 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and pressures to 6,000 PSIG/400 bar.

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Brooks Instrument