Operator Interfaces Offer Live Video Input

Omega Engineering's new NS series touch screen operator interfaces (HMIs) offer built-in Ethernet communications, alarming/recipe/data logging capabilities and live video input/display capabilities. The CE-compliant NS series enables monitoring of ladder programs without using a personal computer.

Suited for the automotive, chemical and plastics industries, the NS series HMIs are capable of monitoring process temperature and pressure, packaging parts count and water/air flow rates. They also achieve flexible data access to a variety of devices and enable operators to reach devices on the network, including special I/O units, intelligent devices, and PLCs.

A device monitor function enables monitoring the PLC I/O data required for device maintenance and debugging is included as a standard feature. In addition to a ladder monitor that allows users to monitor PLC program status, search for addresses or instructions and monitor multiple I/O points, and integrated simulation function simulates ladder programs and screen data simultaneously without actual hardware.

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Omega Engineering