Electromagnetic Flowmeter Features EtherNet/IP Connectivity

Endress+Hauser introduces the Promag 53 electromagnetic flowmeter with EtherNet/IP connectivity, which is engineered to integrate with Rockwell Automation’s PlantPAx process automation system. The integration is achieved via a downloadable Level 3 Add-on Profile and can be “copied and pasted,” which means the initial work only needs to be done once.

Suited for process applications in the food and beverage, water, and wastewater industries, the Promag 53 can measure liquids with a minimum conductivity of 5 μS/cm, and flow rates of up to 1,250 gpm. Measuring accuracy is ±0.2 percent or ±2 millimeters per second, and repeatability is ±0.1 percent or ± 0.5 millimeters per second.

The Promag 53 features an integrated Web server that allows authorized users to remotely view flow data, conduct diagnostics, configure the unit or perform process optimization. EtherNet/IP connectivity enables up to 10 variables to be configured, while real-time information enables users to monitor overall performance, troubleshoot out-of-margin conditions and minimize downtime.

The unit operates in temperatures ranging from 20 degrees below zero to 60 degrees Celsius, and pressures up to 580 psi. It has NEMA 4X or IP 67 protection, FM/CSA Class I, Division two approval, fulfills EMC requirements according to IEC/EN 61326 and NAMUR NE21, conforms to the requirements of the EU and ACMA directives, and carries CE and √ marks.

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