Process Rheometer Provides Continuous Viscosity Measurement

Krohne introduces the Viscoline Inline Process Rheometer, which provides inline, continuous measurement of fluid viscosity for process control and monitoring applications. Made for facilities in which viscosity measurement is required for process or quality control, the Viscoline’s stainless steel design includes no moving parts and does not require in-situ calibration.

Viscoline is suitable for Newtonian and non-Newtonian applications, such as oil, emulsions, resins, cosmetics, paint and plaster. Accurate viscosity measurements can be achieved without modifying mechanical processes, while bulk viscosity is measured on the whole fluid flow and re-homogenized by inline static mixers. The unit features repeatability of 0.2 percent and resolution to 0.1cP and meets government policy on metrological traceability.

Viscoline’s standard hardware configuration includes two inline mixer assemblies, a control box and an operating and maintenance manual, while Krohne flow meters are often supplied as part of the system. Customized engineering services are available for automation host system integration as well as installation, startup or complete turnkey service.

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