EH&S Solution Features Detailed Requirements For Screening And Tasking

Citation Technologies has integrated new enhancements to the company’s ART solution. ART was designed to minimize the guesswork and risk related to environmental, health and safety (EH&S) compliance. ART enables companies to better determine and manage compliance to applicable regulations and laws, with more than 300 sites globally using ART within the manufacturing, energy, oil and gas and recycling industries, in addition to customers in the government and professional services sectors.
With the recent enhancements, including the ability for customer to define detailed requirements for a site and develop compliance tasks, ART now provides the user with the ability to build a complete environmental, safety, occupational health and site security compliance assurance management system. Using ART, a business can independently construct a compliance assurance system using the regulatory knowledge and analysis contained within the solution, rather than relying on other more costly and time consuming methods. The solution achieves sustainability by allowing the user to maintain compliance through monthly updates of regulations, complete with change descriptions, and focus on the tasks to be constructed to achieve compliance.

ART also features customer-driven administration, role-based security and a customizable user interface. It is based on the Software as a Service model (SaaS), delivering a cloud-based compliance solution upon acquiring a subscription without incurring any up-front hardware or set-up costs.