Software Automatically Finds Root Cause Of Upsets

ExperTune introduces PlantTriage software that automatically finds the root cause of process upsets. The latest advance, called Root Cause Finder, automates the in-depth analysis that was previously performed by an experienced engineer.

The new technology works by evaluating correlations between instrument readings throughout an entire manufacturing facility. Upsets that start in one part of the plant are reflected in the data patterns from other parts of the plant. By evaluating the correlations between these patterns, and the time-shift from one to the other, PlantTriage is able to determine the most likely sources of process variation.

Using advanced mathematical techniques, the Root Cause Finder works without requiring any process models or other prior knowledge of the process.  Root Cause Finder results are displayed graphically, at the top of PlantTriage’s Process Interaction Map. This display also shows other affected process areas. The color-coded results show the extent and the time-lag of the cause.

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