Analytical Solution Can Unlock Hidden Potential In Data

GE Intelligent Platforms latest Proficy Accelerator solution Accelerator for Advanced Analytics can help identify process inefficiencies using historical data to create real-time models. To achieve this, Accelerator for Advanced Analytics layers on top of existing systems. It is a completely scalable solution that allows customers to quickly see the value hidden in their data to improve their processes and reduce cost, according to the company.

The mining of complex data can enable companies to realize benefits to their operations including increased throughput, improved quality, decreased resource usage, increased efficiency and maximized uptime, GE notes. Proficy Accelerator for Advanced Analytics combines Proficy's full-featured analytics software and a rapid engagement model that allows companies to understand the sources of variability in a process in order to improve the process. This is designed to translate into higher throughput, reduced costs and improved quality for customer applications.

The system is designed to quickly and easily model the current process based on historical data adding significant value to past data. It also includes the ability to determine and display the process inputs that have the greatest impact on key KPIs in real time to allow immediate process improvement.

The "what-if" analysis tool allows users to make changes to inputs to determine what changes impact the KPIs. In addition, real-time cause detection shows personnel the largest impacts on the process. Users also can gain increased understanding of the process by uncovering information captured from historical data not easily detected from charts or displays.

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Data Collection
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