Combustion Analyzer Monitors, Tests Emissions

The new E8500 combustion analyzer is a complete portable tool for EPA compliance level emissions monitoring and testing.  The E8500 is ideal for regulatory & maintenance use in boiler, burner, engine, turbine, furnace, and other combustion applications.

The E8500 also includes the following:

  • Electrochemical Sensors – O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S

  • NDIR Sensors – CO2, CxHy, CO

  • Real-Time Software Package

  • Built-In Printer

  • Internal Thermoelectric Chiller with Automatic Condensate Removal

  • Heated Sample Line optional

  • CO Dilution Auto–Range for Measurements up to 10%

  • Stack Gas & Ambient Air Temperature Measurements

  • Draft & Differential Pressure Measurements

  • Efficiency, Excess Air, and CO2% Calculated Values

Product Type:
E Instruments