Software Manages pH, Ion Measurements

Mettler Toledo is pleased to introduce LabX Direct pH software for data management of pH and ion measurements.

Say goodbye to manual transcription, paper printouts or copying and pasting your data manually from one application to another. Lab X Direct pH software provides flexible data transfer to easily send data from any Mettler Toledo SevenGo, SevenEasy or SevenMulti meter (Version 2.0) to Microsoft Excel or any other Windows-based application. With fast, easy installation and setup, users can begin capturing measurement and calibration results efficiently and reliably within minutes!

Easily Define Your Report Format

LabX Direct gives you a choice of parameters to transfer. Simply select the data and layout format from a list for transfer to your Excel spreadsheet (or some other application).

Read IDs with a Barcode Reader

LabX Direct supports the connection of a barcode reader to help reduce errors and speed up your work. Easily capture sample IDs and lot numbers with a barcode reader and then add the IDs to your measurement results.

Easily Supports Display of Measurement Curves

An easy-to-use Excel template is provided together with Lab X Direct pH. Place the cursor into the Excel template, start a measurement or transfer data from the instrument’s memory, and Lab X Direct pH transfers your measurement or calibration data quickly and easily to Excel. The measurement results are visualized as an on-line measurement curve. The Excel template can also be customized to your needs.

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