Temperature Controllers Simplify Automated Control Processes

The Schneider Electric Relay Competency Center is expanding its Zelio control and measurement relay product offer to include the REG series of temperature controllers and accessories, key components for temperature regulation in heating and refrigeration applications. Cost-effective Zelio REG temperature controllers combine simplicity, performance and value, and have the ability to interface with solid-state relays, electromechanical relays, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), variable speed drives and human-machine interface (HMI) displays.

"Many industries, such as packaging, food and beverage, plastic extrusion, industrial machines, HVAC and textile manufacturing, desire optimized temperature controllers to regulate the temperatures in their processes to help ensure the highest-quality products are achieved. The Schneider Electric Zelio REG series of temperature controllers provide a comprehensive solution to meet this need," said Dipin Jain, Schneider Electric product manager.

Temperature controllers are designed to automatically control the temperature at multiple points during the manufacturing process. This control enables the execution of critical processes, such as the creation of highly complex recipes in the food and beverage industry or the exact solder temperature control in the electronics assembly industry. The offer comprises three industry-standard formats — 24 x 48 mm (1/32-inch DIN), 48 x 48 mm (1/16-inch DIN) and 96 x 48 mm (1/8-inch DIN). The 24 x 48 mm model is a cost-effective solution for basic temperature control, while its 48 x 48 mm counterpart provides the optimal balance of price and functionality, featuring an increased amount of control contacts and multiple alarms. The full-featured 96 x 48 mm model offers maximum performance and function.

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