Ultrasonic Gas Detection System Ensures Earlier Protection

Combining its highly reliable Gassonic detectors with its modular six-channel MC600 Controller, General Monitors now offers a fully integrated ultrasonic gas leak detection system that is suitable for a wide range of process safety monitoring applications in oil and gas production, petrochemical, refining, storage facilities, gas pipeline metering and compressor stations, and distribution facilities.

It is well-known that natural gas and other combustible gases are challenging to detect in open, well ventilated areas, especially outdoors. Lighter gases like hydrogen can furthermore easily ignite on contact with open flames, electrical sparks, or by static discharge enhancing the challenge even further.

Ultrasonic gas leak detectors offer a responsive, reliable new method for detecting gas that reduces the risk of fires and explosions.

Ultrasonic gas leak detectors respond to the ultrasonic noise generated by escaping gas at pressures of minimum 145 psi for maximum coverage of 5-20 m in radius.  A distinct advantage of ultrasonic technology is that it detects gas leaks regardless of ventilation rates, gas dilution, or the direction of the leak – and without the gas having to make physical contact with a sensor element.  This makes ultrasonic gas leak detection the ideal choice for detection of pressurized gas leaks and for filling in gaps in the effectiveness of traditional gas detection systems.

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