Transducer Quality Strain Gages Are Available in Several Configurations

Omegadyne offers a full line of transducer quality strain gages. These encapsulated foil strain gages are available in several configurations. Omegadyne's selection of strain gages includes linear, shear, double shear, full bridge and linear diaphragm style in both constantan or karma versions.These gages are commonly used for OEM transducer applications where transducers with exacting specifications must be produced. Transducer quality strain gages are designed with optimum backing thickness tolerance. Creep variations from one strain gage to another are kept to a minimum. In batch transducer production, this will keep bridge output differences between strain gage installations to a minimum. Choice of creep codes is available by custom order. Transducer quality strain gages have very uniform matrix or carrier dimensions. These tight trim dimensions allow for the carrier edge to be used for strain gage alignment in batch transducer production. Consistent strain gage placement will keep bridge output differences among the transducers to a minimum. Transducer quality strain gages will have a tighter resistance tolerance compared with the precision SGD series strain gages. The resistance tolerance depends on the nominal resistance of the gage, and the number of grid lines in the pattern.
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