Moisture Analyzer Is Designed for Plastics

Mettler Toledo has introduced a plastics-specific version of the HR83 Halogen Moisture Analyzer. This enhanced unit comes preloaded with plastics applications and is ready for use right out of the box — programmed to meet industry needs.

The HR83 determines the moisture content of plastics directly on the production line, during manufacturing and drying processes, helping to optimize production processes and ensure product quality. Moisture content of many substances can vary over a range and, for samples such as plastic resins, plays an important role in material processing, as well as appearance and properties of the final product.

The HR83 provides uncomplicated moisture analysis in just three steps and is easy to operate, even while wearing gloves. Measurement does not require the use of chemicals and can be carried out by untrained workers, giving a reproducible and straightforward ‘pass/fail’ analysis. This method contrasts with the traditional Karl Fischer titration method, which requires trained operators working in lab conditions with hazardous chemicals. The compact analyzer fits within the production line and its durability allows it to withstand demanding of environments.

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Mettler Toledo