Three-Input Intelligent Analyzer Includes Four 4-20mA Current Outputs

To meet the need for multiple liquid measurements and lower costs per measurement loop required by industrial OEMs and other analytical customers, Emerson Process Management presents the Rosemount Analytical Model 1057 three-input intelligent analyzer. This modular instrument combines up to three measurements selectable from pH, ORP and contacting conductivity or resistivity, in any combination. In addition, the Model 1057 analyzer includes four 4-20mA current outputs, allowing live measurement data along with process temperature to be communicated to SCADA, PLC or DSC host monitoring systems.

The Model 1057's internal design is modular and allows signal input boards to be field-replaced, making configuration changes easy. The unit's Quick Start programming screens appear the first time the analyzer is powered. The instrument auto-recognizes each measurement board used in the configuration and prompts the user to configure each sensor loop in a few quick steps for immediate deployment. Menu screens for calibration and programming are simple and intuitive with plain language prompts. Help screens are accessible for all fault and warning conditions to assist technicians in troubleshooting on the spot. Live process variables are always displayed during programming and calibration routines. Information is easily read on the large, high-contrast LCD display that shows up to three live measurement readouts. Up to six additional process variables or diagnostic parameters can also be viewed for a further check of the measurement condition and current outputs.

The Model 1057 supports inputs from any standard pH, ORP or contacting conductivity sensor. Additionally, the unit is compatible with Rosemount Analytical's four-electrode PUR-SENSE conductivity sensor and SMART pH sensor and allows inputs from ion-selective electrode (ISE) sensors. The Model 1057 multiparameter analyzer also features complete sensor and analyzer diagnostics, four programmable alarm relays and eight local menu languages including Chinese and Russian.

Product Type:
Emerson Process Management