Software Incorporates Features and Tools for Vibration Analysis Professionals

Commtest Instruments Ltd. announces the availability of its Ascent 2008 R2 software. Commtest's Ascent 2008 R2 software builds upon the success of the company's Ascent 2007 software releases and includes a number of improved features and tools for the vibration analysis professional. 

The newest iteration of the Ascent software incorporates the following features and performance improvements:

  • New software key-based licensing model
  • Multi-measurement type (spectrum and waveform, 6Pack) support
  • Support for Commtest Instruments' vbSeries portable instrument range: vb5, vb6, vb7, vb8, vbBalancer and vbBalancer+analyzers and balancers
  • New Navigator Tree search filter
  • The ability to play waveform recordings through a user's PC speakers or headphones
  • Upgraded database platform (Firebird 2.0.4)
  • New automated Machine Assessment Report tool for simple XML/HTML report generation
  • Improved communications protocol between software and vbOnline/vbX series instruments
  • Database functionality UI improvements
  • Parameter Set editor improvements
  • Stability enhancements

Also included with this new release of Ascent 2008 R2 software is the latest vb7 instrument firmware revision: 3.1.12. This firmware upgrade adds the following features and improvements:

  • A new database recovery feature (recycle bin)
  • The addition of simultaneous spectrum plus waveform measurement and display capability
  • Commtest's unique new 6Pack measurement system, allowing users to take up to 12 measurement types simultaneously
  • A new 'Average Value' recording mode for DC-coupled sensors
  • Multi-language user interface support
  • The addition of Ethernet printing of balance reports
  • Various minor fixes and updates
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Data Collection
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