X-ray Inspection System Is Designed for Small Packaged Products

Mettler-Toledo Safeline introduces SmartChek, a cost-effective, x-ray inspection system for small packaged products. SmartChek delivers high detection sensitivity without the complexities typically associated with x-ray inspection.

Using low-energy x-ray technology, SmartChek detects and rejects contaminants such as metal, stone, glass and bone. With a five-inch, full-color touch screen interface, the system requires minimal training, improves start-up time and reduces maintenance, training and operator costs.

SmartChek’s Auto Setup automatically sets X-ray energy and all inspection parameters. The system requires no x-ray knowledge, simplifying training and operation.

SmartChek's modular design features a four-point, quick-remove X-Pod module that offers tool-free disassembly, making changeovers and maintenance simple. Rated to NEMA 4, IP65, the sanitary design enables easy access to all machine areas to facilitate cleaning. It can be disassembled in seconds for minimum downtime.

The system has full traceability and data is protected during transitions. SmartChek's design separates the heat generating component (x-ray generator) from the rest of the electronics, maximizing equipment stability and life for reduced downtime and lifetime costs of ownership.

Product Type:
Inspection Equipment
Mettler Toledo Safeline