Life-Safety Display Unit Reduces Spare-Parts Inventory and Simplifies Operations

Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) announces the release of its FlexVu Model UD10 Universal Display, a life-safety display unit that provides non-intrusive calibration, local event logging and third-party performance certifications. This display/communicator reduces spare-parts inventory by working with a spectrum of toxic and combustible gas sensors and by operating with industrial communication protocols such as HART and Modbus.

Because the FlexVu Universal Display provides non-intrusive magnetic calibration and configuration, a single person working alone can calibrate gas detectors without declassifying a hazardous area. In addition, the FlexVu display has been third-party performance tested and certified to FM, CSA and ATEX/IEC. Its construction has an explosion-proof rating and is approved for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D classified hazardous areas for all gas types.

Taking advantage of its flexible installation options, users can couple the FlexVu display directly to a single sensor or place it remotely using a sensor termination box. Outputs include analog 4-20 mA with HART, three alarm relays, one fault relay and RS-485 Modbus. In its current release, the FlexVu UD10 display operates with the following Det-Tronics gas detectors/sensors (additional gas and flame detectors will soon be added):

Combustible gases

  • PointWatch IR (PIR9400)
  • PointWatch Eclipse IR (PIRECL)
  • Open Path Eclipse IR (OPECL)
  • Catalytic Combustible Sensor (CGS) via the 505 transmitter

Toxic gases

  • Nanotechnology Metal Oxide Semiconductor (NTMOS) hydrogen sulfide sensor
  • Electrochemical sensors (C706x Series and GT3000)
Product Type:
Environmental Safety
Detector Electronics Corp.