Scalable Technology Platform Offers Application Flexibility and HMI Ease-of-use Features

Emerson Process Management unveils a scalable technology platform with the introduction of its FloBoss107 flow manager, the latest addition to its FloBoss Flow Manager family of natural gas and liquids flow computers. The FloBoss 107 also features dynamic configuration software and an LCD touchpad to enhance ease of use. The technology platform will serve as the basis for future product introductions and as an upgrade to current FloBoss legacy products.

The platform uses a modular, expandable architecture that consists of plug-in modules for the central processing unit (CPU), input/output (I/O) and communications. The modules plug into a four-slot base chassis. When additional capacity is needed, an expansion rack provides four additional slots for communication or I/O modules.

The FloBoss 107 also features software-configurable I/O modules that reduce the number of dedicated I/O modules required for an installation. This makes it easier to adapt I/O to the needs of the application and reduces the number of spare modules that must be inventoried. The CPU module is available with or without its own configurable I/O board, which makes an economical solution for low point-count applications.

The FloBoss 107 incorporates easy-to-use features like an LCD touchpad and a dynamic interface. The LCD touchpad lets users perform many of the functions previously requiring a separate operator interface, such as a laptop. It offers a set of tools for security access levels, configuration, operation and device-guided diagnostics, as well as real-time and historical data trending features not found on competitive units. The touchpad is transreflective for high visibility even in bright sunlight and is backlit for night viewing. 

Dynamic interface is a feature of ROCLINK 800, the configuration software used with the FloBoss 107.  Dynamic interface is a way of graphically configuring the FloBoss 107 and offers enhanced diagnosis of integrity and alarm conditions. Dynamic interface graphically identifies the type of module installed in each module slot. As modules are added or changed, dynamic interface updates the graphical display and provides the appropriate configuration information for each module. Dynamic interface also identifies integrity problems with a module or the alarm status of a point with a red “I” or a yellow “A” indicator next to the module display. Clicking on either indicator brings up additional information to help users investigate problems.

The FloBoss 107 also supports IEC 61131-3 compliant programming. The five languages supported are sequential function chart, function block diagram, ladder diagram, structured text and instruction list.  They give the FloBoss 107 unprecedented capability to handle both challenging and complex applications. 

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