Explosion-proof Liquid Density Meter Does Not Require Barriers or Galvanic Isolators

Emerson Process Management introduces a certified explosion-proof/flame-proof version of its Micro Motion 7835 custody transfer density meter. This version includes all the features of the 7835 density meter, while eliminating the barriers and galvanic isolators required with intrinsically safe instruments. This simplifies installation and reduces project costs.

Certified to ATEX II 2 G EEx d IIC T6 and T4 (EN50014 and EN50020 for use in Europe), Emerson’s Micro Motion liquid density meters are used for routine control applications in chemical and other processing industries.

The 7835 Series density meters offer high accuracy measurements in a versatile, low maintenance unit. The vibrating element is manufactured from Ni-Span-C for long-term stability and low-temperature coefficient. All other wetted parts are ANSI 316L stainless steel. There are no moving parts or seals, and the unit is unaffected by vibration or by variations in flow and pressure. Its straight-through design is easy to install and clean and minimizes pressure drop for improved energy efficiency.

The 7835 density meters can be specified as a frequency output sensor version (requires external signal converter or flow computer) or as a transmitter version with integral communications (Modbus RS-485 and two 4-20 mA outputs).

The Micro Motion 7835 density meters are factory calibrated and no on-site calibration is necessary. The calibration is traceable to UK National Standards through Emerson’s on-site accredited density laboratory.

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