Multivariate Analysis Engine Integrates Seamlessly into Users’ Process Software

Umetrics announces the release of the SIMCA-Q Version 12 real-time multivariate calculation engine for continuous and batch processes. SIMCA-Q integrates seamlessly into users’ process software, generating predictions based on off-line SIMCA-P+ Version 12 models. These real-time quality assurance and fault-detection solutions provide cost savings and improved process performance.

Designed for OEM embedding and integration into other software systems, the SIMCA-Q engine’s customizable interface allows users to include the calculated predictions into existing data platforms, from commercial databases to dynamic XML Web pages.

SIMCA-Q Version 12 engine is the heart of the SIMCA-suite of off-line and on-line software. The suite is used in research, development and manufacturing to convert large datasets into useful information. SIMCA-Q provides easily interpreted, efficient analysis, which delivers a multivariate solution for process monitoring and quality assurance.

Process control
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Automation systems