Software Suite Simplifies the Setup and Management of Smart Wireless Networks

Emerson Process Management announces its AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager 9.5 applications for planning and managing scalable wireless networks to support the growing demand for wireless solutions in the process automation industry. AMS Device Manager 9.5 provides a common interface for users to manage their wired and wireless instruments and valves. Wireless device configuration is streamlined and drag-and-drop functionality automates the writing of joinkeys into wireless devices, increasing efficiency and security.

With the AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application, users can plan, customize, visualize and manage Emerson’s Smart Wireless networks. This application allows users to avoid in-depth site surveys or time-consuming planning blueprints. Instead, users can upload an aerial image of their plant into the application and quickly plan their wireless network. When the network layout is complete, they can validate the network against factory-recommended best practices to optimize device communication paths. Once the wireless network is installed, the AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application also provides a comprehensive view of the network’s status, enabling users to maximize reliability of the wireless network.

In addition to the Smart Wireless functionality, AMS Device Manager 9.5 also includes the MV Engineering Assistant SNAP-ON application that has expanded to enable configuration and test calculation functions on both HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus MultiVariable transmitters from Rosemount. The release also includes the AlertTrack SNAP-ON application that gives users increased visibility to the health of field devices and documentation of parameter changes to help identify equipment issues and areas for process improvement. With the AlertTrack SNAP-ON application, users can group multiple devices and set parameters to receive customized alerts.

Emerson delivers PlantWeb Services for AMS Device Manager users to install, implement and incorporate the software with their daily maintenance procedures, integrating work processes with the enterprise asset management system. PlantWeb Services create optimized maintenance work processes that fully capitalize on predictive diagnostics.

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