Explosion-Proof Compressed-Air Dryers Deliver Without Electricity

Parker Hannifin Corp. is offering a line of Balston 76 Series Explosion Proof Air Dryers for applications requiring -40°F dewpoint and flow rates up to 40 scfm.

Hazardous environments are dangerous for refrigerant and desiccant technologies without costly NEMA enclosures to make them explosion proof.  The Balston dryers utilize robust, industrial grade membrane technology that removes all humidity from compressed air without the need of any electrical components.  This means that the Balston dryers can be placed in hazardous environments without the worry of electrical relays and contracts that could lead to a fire or explosion.

This unique membrane system uses only the compressed air supply to achieve a consistent, dry -40°F dewpoint.  In addition, the high efficiency coalescing prefilters included with this drying system remove both liquid and solid contaminants down to 0.01 microns providing instrument quality air downstream to critical applications. The quality of air assures worry-free operation of instrumentation and control valves in refineries, petrochemical plants and anywhere a hazardous environment exists.