Web-based Manufacturing Execution System Improves Quality and Plant Performance

Honeywell announces two additions to its POMSnet web-based manufacturing execution system (MES) for the pharmaceutical industry: a platform upgrade of POMSnet and POMStrace, a tracking technology that helps reduce patient risk by improving communication and response time during clinical trials.

POMSnet helps improve pharmaceutical manufacturing performance by controlling and tracking all aspects of production, promoting best practices and capturing critical data for compliance, quality control and process improvement. The POMSnet upgrade supports multiple languages and offers improved material handling and recipe features that can reduce cycle times, roll-out time for new procedures, production errors and compliance costs. The upgrade features a batch rescaling tool that automatically adjusts recipes to partial batch quantities and includes weighing methods and dispensing rules for increased accuracy. The system can reduce production errors up to 50 percent.

The POMSnet upgrade also includes integration with Honeywell’s Procedure Analyst, a software application that manages information about plans, production and supply chain performance. This integration allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to more effectively troubleshoot their batches for increased operational efficiency.

POMStrace reduces the effort to maintain and track inventory records for supplies used in clinical trials. The system provides up-to-date information on supply levels, including patient distribution. It also can reduce potential risks to patients in case of a cancelled or recalled trial by blocking dispensing and providing immediate access to all logistical information. The system produces a traceability record of each patient kit and provides complete accounting for all materials.  

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