OPC-integrated, Web-enabled HMI/SCADA Suite Provides Customers with a 360° View of Their Entire Organization

Iconics announces its participation in SAP’s Future Factory Initiative (FFI). The Future Factory Initiative (FFI) is a joint effort of SAP Research and external partner organizations, including Iconics, and is active in key areas including a Living Lab, a Real-World Manufacturing Testbed and a Center of Excellence. Iconics' GENESIS64 64-bit, OPC-integrated, Web-enabled HMI/SCADA suite is currently utilized by SAP Research at the Future Factory Initiative. GENESIS64 provides customers with a 360° view of their entire organization, providing users with the power to quickly and efficiently add 3D symbols and animation to graphic visualizations of business processes and bring them to life.

The Future Factory Initiative is a set of innovative demonstrators showing the potential of real-world-integrated business processes in the manufacturing domain. Currently six demonstrations are available covering the whole product value chain, including supply chain, warehouse, production, sales and maintenance processes.

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