Local Operator Interface Is Available for Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

Brooks Instrument releases a local operator interface (LOI) option for its 4800 Series devices. The 4800 Series LOI provides a convenient user interface to view, control and configure the 4800 Series devices.

The LOI provides a 28-millimeter-wide by 11-millimeter-high back-lit display that mounts directly on top of the mass flow instrument and allows the user to power the device via a DC power adapter. The LOI measures the flow signal level from the Brooks 4800 Series device and displays it on an LCD display. A jog dial button allows the user to send control signals to the Brooks 4800 Series device to adjust the flow, perform a valve override, zero the device and set device configuration parameters such as gas curve selection, engineering units, high/low alarm and totalizer functions. The LOI uses LEDs to provide a visual indication of device status and device mode. It also allows the user to connect a remote controller to the device and bypass the local LOI control.

Product Type:
Brooks Instrument