Statistical Process Control Software Is Designed for Global Supplier Quality Management

Zontec Inc. announces the release of its Synergy 3000 Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software for full global implementation over any combination of Windows networks and Web services.

The Synergy 3000 gives manufacturers with dispersed operations the technical infrastructure they need to unite in-house production or assembly lines, multi-tier suppliers, material vendors, subcontractors and alliance partners into a single, focused improvement team. The software has been designed for centralized management of processes through integrated, interconnected and collaborating “communities” up and down the supply chain. Synergy 3000 serves as the enabling tool for measuring, controlling and managing compliance, as well as reducing costs and mitigating operational risks.

The combined impact of outsourcing, corporate mergers, business cycles, workflows, product recalls and fierce competition have complicated the manufacturer’s ability to implement and enforce a worldwide set of quality standards. Synergy 3000 provides a simple and effective way to communicate what is acceptable and what is not among all participants in a process. The software helps manufacturers quickly change their corporate culture from an after-the-fact “inspect and reject” activity to an improvement-oriented “predict and prevent” mindset.

Synergy 3000 gives the manufacturer total control over its supply chain. Suppliers can log onto a customer’s Web server and perform data collection directly within a powerful, secure Web Operator browser application. This approach delivers a series of important benefits to both customer and supplier that include:

  • The flexibility to create individual SQL supplier databases within a
    centralized data warehouse.
  • Freeing suppliers from inconsistent data management, reporting and
    security issues.
  • Complete traceability and accountability records.
  • Knowledge-sharing and troubleshooting through on-line procedures and
    reference documents that the supplier can easily follow.
  • Automatic e-mail and text message notification to designated customer
    and supplier contacts when process violations occur.
  • Significantly reducing or eliminating incoming part inspections.
  • Short implementation time with immediate results.

The system also features a second, complementary browser application, the Synergy 3000 Web Manager, that gives remote monitoring and reporting capabilities to mobile users.