Thin Client Provides Secure, Real-time Access to Automation Systems Via Any Internet Browser

ABB announces the release of the IndustrialIT cpmPlus Smart Client, part of its Collaborative Production Management suite. This thin client helps process customers securely access their automation systems via an internet browser for real-time visibility into the process from any location as long as a connection to the plant exists.

Smart Client retrieves data from ABB’s System 800xA and connected third-party systems and then displays this information in the user-desired format to facilitate the informed decisions and swift, appropriate actions that improve performance. In addition to browser-based graphical displays, Smart Client also provides trending and Statistical Process Control, alarm and event reporting and a Microsoft Excel interface. 

Smart Client provides intelligent data access and viewing functions in a user-friendly, browser-based display to assist all levels of personnel when they need a real-time window into their operations when they are not on-site. These displays can be launched from any standard Internet browser, inside or outside of the manufacturing facility. Smart Client incorporates the same system-wide authorization settings as System 800xA, ensuring data security and integrity.  

Smart Client offers customers several productivity benefits:

  • Simplified display configuration requires no programming. Displays are configured using display components and drag-and-drop information from System 800xA’s property browser, making it ready to use and easy to understand.

  • Eliminates duplicate engineering by using the existing data definitions resident in System 800xA. Unlike other thin clients that require separate information definitions, all information (including upper and lower limits) is defined once in System 800xA and then made seamlessly available inside of Smart Client.

  • System 800xA’s single point of change management ensures that all updates are automatically reproduced throughout the system, so that any information viewed via Smart Client reflects the up-to-the minute system context, status and process conditions.

  • Information from multiple 800xA systems can be viewed and accessed via any internet browser, regardless of their physical or geographic location. 

  • Increased tag counts do not incur additional costs, making cpmPlus Smart Client an affordable way to expand view only remote access capabilities for System 800xA.
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