Moisture Meter Determines the Water Content of Crude Oil, Petroleum Products, Liquids, Gases and Powders

The Grabner MINIHYD Karl Fisher (KF) moisture meter from Ametek Petrolab has been designed for determining the water content of crude oil, petroleum products, liquids, gases and powders. The MINIHYD uses an absolute technique that gives accurate results on water content within minutes and without requiring the calibration of reagents. 

The versatile instrument combines coulometry with the Karl Fisher method to determine the water content of samples by measuring the amount of electrolysis current necessary to produce a required amount of iodine. The instrument is fully automatic, requiring only the push of a button to conduct titration. Its titrators were developed in response to customer suggestions for general laboratory use as well as on offshore platforms and other field applications.

The MINIHYD works with the ACE (Automatically Compensated Errors) control system to guarantee bias-free results. The ACE system ensures that electrolysis current and count rate are synchronized, eliminating regular checks with standards and increasing overall sample turnover. Results can be downloaded directly via Results Manager software onto PC-compatible spreadsheets. A built-in battery and optional carrying case provide portability for field applications.

The unit conforms to all major industry standards for the determination of water content in crude oils, petroleum products, insulating oils and gases, including ASTM D 1533, ASTM D4928, ASTM D6304, IP 386, IP 438, IEC/BS EN 60814, API MPMS Chapter 10.9, ISO 10101-3, ISO 10337 and ISO 12937.

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Ametek Petrolab