Communications Interface Offers Real-Time Sample System Information

Parker Hannifin’s Instrumentation Products Division (IPD) introduces Pilot Pro™.  Pilot Pro is a new process sample conditioning system communications interface designed to provide a link between plant process control operations and analyzer maintenance networks, no matter where the two are located.  A sensor and solenoid administration module, Pilot Pro is designed to acquire, transmit, and manage real-time sample system information via an electronic interface, facilitating critical process control decision-making.

Pilot Pro allows analyzer engineers and technicians to receive critical sample system data (pressure, temperature, and flow) to promote proactive maintenance activities and reduce system downtimes.  Able to support a variety of communication protocols, including Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, and others, Pilot Pro provides a complete communications solution for process analytical applications, making “smart” systems a reality for both modular and conventional sample handling systems.

In addition to supporting multiple communication protocols, Pilot Pro offers other unique features as well.  Through options, custom pneumatic, and electric feedthroughs provide the end user with reliable separation of hazardous zones while allowing real-time troubleshooting of electrical components.  Pilot Pro features hazardous area certified, off-the-shelf hardware for reduced order and delivery times, guaranteed reliable performance, and ongoing product support.  Plus, Pilot Pro can be utilized with Parker CTC HMI (Human Machine Interface) hardware and software for data trending of information from multiple Pilot Pro units and analyzer systems.