X-ray Inspection System Offers Contaminant Detection for Bulk and Packaged Products

Mettler-Toledo Safeline introduces the PowerChekPlus, an x-ray inspection system that provides contaminant detection and quality assurance for bulk and packaged products. Safeline's PowerChekPlus unit uses low energy, electronically-generated x-ray technology for optimal sensitivity in detecting and automatically rejecting many contaminants, including metal, stone, bone, glass and high-density plastics. It can also measure product mass, monitor overfill and underfill and find a damaged or an incorrectly packaged product. PowerChekPlus can check the integrity of package seals and identify any seals that have been compromised by trapped product. The system stores images of rejected products for further analysis and ultimate product traceability. With PowerChekPlus' 15-inch full color, touch-screen display and real automatic set-up software, users can operate the system with little training. Safeline's adaptive automatic product variation compensation software enables more uptime and minimizes false rejects.