Redesigned Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems Will Continue to Meet UL and FM Approvals

Fike's clean agent fire suppression system offering will include the use of DuPont FM-200 clean agent. The use of FM-200 (ASHRAE name HFC-227ea) will not require engineering changes to Fike's product offering, nor will it require any technical or installation changes for Fike's distributors. FM-200 has identical performance characteristics as FE-227 (ASHRAE name HFC-227ea), which Fike had previously used. After August 15, 2008, all Fike HFC-227ea systems will be marketed, manufactured and delivered using the FM-200 brand. Fike's fire suppression systems with FM-200 will still meet UL and FM approvals. Fike will continue to offer its ECARO-25 fire suppression systems, which use the DuPont FE-25 agent.

Product Type:
Fire protection