X-ray Equipment Detects Food Contamination in Challenging Production Lines

Effective brand protection has been made easier with the launch of the new AdvanChekPlus by Mettler-Toledo Safeline. The AdvanChekPlus is a fast, reliable and economical way to introduce x-ray inspection into food production lines. It delivers superior sensitivity over traditional detection methods and combines contaminant detection with gross mass measurement, for guaranteed product safety and quality.

The AdvanChekPlus is easy to use and can be set up and ready to inspect products within minutes. This new system ensures the detection of foreign bodies such as metal, stone, glass, bone and high density plastic, when they are wrapped in foil or metalized film packaging, at a standard inspection speed of up to 500 packs per minute. Depending on pack size, faster line speeds are possible without compromising sensitivity or reliability. To accommodate challenging production lines, Mettler-Toledo Safeline offers custom conveyor designs, with an optional bulk flow format and unique wheel out conveyor. This facilitates removal of the conveyor for easy cleaning and maintenance. Manufacturers also benefit from a multiple lane reject system, to reduce product rejects and waste.

The AdvanChekPlus has a compact footprint to fit into the tightest of environments. The system is designed to meet the strictest hygiene standards and with sealing up to IP69K, all models can withstand the harsh washdown environments found in the food processing industry.