Bearing Protection Kits Simplify Predictive/Preventive Motor Maintenance

To simplify predictive/preventive motor maintenance programs, Electro Static Technology has introduced two new AEGIS SGR split-ring bearing protection kits — one for NEMA motors and one for IEC motors.  Developed for easy field installation, these new split-ring kits are designed to provide clearance for shaft shoulders, slingers and other end-bell protrusions, while protecting bearings from electrical damage caused by circulating or shaft currents.

Kits include the new split-ring version of the SGR bearing protection ring, which prevents bearing damage by channeling shaft currents to ground. Its conductive microfibers provide the path of least resistance to the motor frame. The ring extends motor life and prevents bearing noise, downtime and costly motor repairs/replacements. Unlike conventional shaft grounding brushes, the SGR ring is maintenance-free and lasts for the life of the motor, regardless of RPM. It works with virtually no friction or wear and is unaffected by dirt, grease or other contaminants. Kits also include a sturdy aluminum mounting plate and mounting hardware.

Because the ring comes in halves and the mounting plate is U-shaped to fit around the motor shaft, both can be installed without disconnecting the motor from coupled equipment. Secured to the motor with three screws, the mounting plate has slots to accommodate different motor designs and covers less than ½ inch of the motor shaft. The split-ring kits are ordered by motor frame size. Standard-size kits fit NEMA-frame motors with shaft diameters from 0.625 inches to 3.375 inches and IEC-frame motors with shaft diameters from 19 millimeters to 95 millimeters. 

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