Corrosion-resistant Centrifugal Pump Offers High Flow Rates Relative to Its Size

Series HA 3x2 and EH 3x2 corrosion-resistant, molded centrifugal pumps are available in horizontal and vertical configurations with flows up to 400 gpm or 170 feet of TDH. The pumps are offered in high temperature polypropylene (hi-temp PP) or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) for superior corrosion resistance. Pairing with Serfilco Duty motors ensures low maintenance and a long, trouble-free service life. A key feature of Series EH 3x2 and the ANSI dimensional HA 3x2 pumps is the high flow and TDH relative to its size. The fully enclosed primary impeller provides high hydraulic efficiency at low horsepower enabling significant energy savings.
Fluid handling
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