Kobold Instruments Inc.

The RCD series differential pressure flowmeter from Kobold measures flows of liquids and compressed gases using the orifice principle. The orifice, located in the flow body, generates a differential pressure which varies with flowrate. The differential pressure is applied to a measuring bellows. The measuring bellows is linked either to a mechanical indicator, or to a hall effect sensor, which is input to a compact or full featured electronic display and controller.

The design features a single measuring bellows making its accuracy unaffected by system pressure fluctuations. All versions are manufactured with a measuring bellows made of 316-Ti stainless steel, making the bellows extremely strong and resistant to wear. The meter movement is a single fulcrum lever design, which is simple, yet very reliable with a minimum of wear parts. The RCD is available with bronze or stainless steel bodies ranging in size from 1/2 in NPT to 3 in NPT. The various electronic display and control units offer a variety of options such as digital or bargraph displays, adjustable switches and flow transmitters.

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