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Otek released its model LSB as part of its new series of loop powered meters. According to the company, industry has wanted “New Technology” (uP based serial I/O) to replace old analog meters that have no power input other than the popular 4-20mA current loop. A typical user is the nuclear power industry where hundreds of control pales were wired years ago without provisions for power to the meters because they were all “analog gauges. To add power to the panels or additional  “burden”  to the loop would be uneconomical.

The LSB (“switchboard”) and the LBD (“edgewise”) takes care of this problem and provides automatic tricolor backlight for the LCD display and serial RS232 all loop powered. All field programming is via “zero and span” pots or serial I/O ports.

The LSB is only 1 in. front-panel deep with no depth behind the panel except for the Euro screw connector. For applications requiring alarms, analog outputs, RS485, USB or Ethernet, the LSB comes with a rear plug-in module only 2 in. deep behind the panel. The LSB is available with either 101 “bars” and 4-1/2 digits or with 101 needles and 4 digits to “mimic” analog meters. Mil-Spec, Nuclear, and Industrial grades as well as hazardous locations are available.

OTEK offers over 10 different loop powered instruments including transmitters, controllers, isolators, converters, and displays.

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