Now available exclusively from AdvantaPure is GammaTag, a read/write RFID (radio frequency identification) tag that's safely sterilizable by gamma radiation. GammaTag provides reliable electronic identification and data storage of single-use/disposable components used in critical process industries, such as pharmaceutical, bioprocess/biomedical, food and beverage and medical devices.

GammaTag is said to easily attach to components such as sample and production bags, tanks, filters, manifolds, tubing and hose, storage vessels and to complete single-use systems. Several attachment methods — silicone tape, watchband style holders, pouches and lamination — are available. GammaTag withstands gamma radiation up to 45 kGy (kilograys) and temperatures from -20°C (-4°F) to 85°C (185°F).

GammaTag's read/write ability makes it unique, as data may be written directly on the tag, unlike read-only bar code labels or tags. In conjunction with a handheld tag reader and software (known as PET, Process Equipment Tracking), GammaTag allows access to the current status of process components on the spot — simply aim the reader towards the tag to recall information or to write new data to the tag.

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