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Control Technology Corp., a leading manufacturer of automation controllers that integrate motion control, I/O, user interfaces, and enterprise connectivity, has added the Model 5222 to its Blue Fusion™ line of web enabled automation controllers.  The Blue Fusion Model 5222 is a high performance programmable automation controller designed for industrial, discrete and process control applications, which also has an embedded web server.  CTC's award winning Blue Fusion Model 5222 controllers combine the features of a PLC, motion controller and web server into a small DIN rail mountable package.  The Model 5222 has powerful networking and control features including CT HMI support, data logging, FTP client support and 5 MB flash memory.  Using the 5222, one can remotely set up, control, and maintain complex control applications over Internet or Intranet connections, using no more than a web browser. The 5222 supports up to 192 I/O points or 12 axes of servo and stepper motion, alarm-generated emails and embedded video.

The Model 5222 features the following enhancements:

• Web-based read/write access to process data and graphical displays over the Internet using CTC's CT HMI
• High speed data logging of all controller resources
• FTP client support for easy transfer of program and support files.

About Control Technology Corporation – Control Technology Corporation designs, manufactures and markets products that enable electronic automation devices to be controlled, configured or reprogrammed over the Internet and/or Intranets. CTC's automation controllers and software are used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, including Web-based control, motion control, analog and digital I/O control, and remote data acquisition. CTC's headquarters are in Hopkinton, Massachusetts with regional technology centers in Wisconsin and California.  Founded in 1975, CTC is a leader in web enabled automation and has been awarded numerous patents in this area. More information is available at

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