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CEC Capital Equipment announces the release of DASYLab Version 9.0, the latest version of the company's Windows-based graphical data acquisition software. DASYLab 9 features an updated user interface, improved online help and interactive tutorial and over 150 examples to help engineers accelerate set up and development of data acquisition, process monitoring, data logging and display, process control, data analysis, and reporting applications.

To make it even easier for test engineers to configure their applications, the DASYLab V9 workspace has been updated with modern module icons and graphics, and has been restructured to include module browsing and dynamic information areas. Module browsing provides various views of all the available function modules and stored Black Boxes, as well as the modules that are used in the current block diagram. The new status console is the reference for the running status of the program and dynamic display of the data. The Signal Spy component of the status console allows you to monitor the data as it is transported between modules on the block diagram. You can view both data descriptions and an oscilloscope diagram of the signal.

DASYLab's  wide range of measurement and control hardware drivers has been extended to support the National Instruments M series, Measurement Computing, as well as CAN boards made by IXXAT.
From research and analysis to large-scale production and quality control, engineers use DASYLab to quickly create flexible and powerful monitoring and control applications without programming. With, engineers DASYLab can rapidly acquire data from most popular multi-function data acquisitions devices, as well as from industry-standard OPC-compliant devices, including PLCs and other industrial automation controllers and sensors. In addition, RS-232 and GPIB (IEEE-488) modules provide connectivity to instruments from hundreds of vendors. DASYLab 9 supports the latest Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, including Windows 2000 and XP. For more information, readers can visit www.cec488.com.
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