Eurotherm has announced the new option to print directly from its popular 5000 Series data acquisition units to an ASCII printer.
Applications such as batches, and regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical, or heat treating industries where electronic visualization, and archiving of data is preferred, but some form of paper record is required can now be satisfied.  Data can be viewed locally and remotely on a color touch screen.  The data is archived on non-volatile flash memory, as well as removable memory, and on two networked servers.  And now, data can be printed directly to an ASCII printer as well.
The 5180V, 5100V, or 5000B can send alarm, batch, power up, signing, login, and audit trail information to the printer as the events occur.  Additionally, ten different report types can be configured to show up to ten fields including a banner, time & date, batch information, and process variable value.  These reports can be triggered to print by an alarm, event, or contact input.
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