Powder & Solids

Schenck Bump Batching Reduces Feeding Errors

By Chemical Processing Staff

Dec 08, 2014

Using Schenck Process VKD software in its DISOCONT Tersus feeder controller, Schenck Process has adopted bumping, a method of reducing batch feeding errors by up to 50%, according to the company. Bumping allows running a dry material feeder at full speed, stopping it prior to the batch set point and then having the controller bump the helix motor in a range anywhere from 100-millisecond to 100-second intervals until the batch is within the specified tolerance. 

Bump batching requires disabling the automatic adaption on the controller, which prevents it from changing the correction amount. The controller is stopped short of the batch set point and then bumped to the tolerance specified in the parameter. Lab testing has proven this method to reduce batch feeding errors by up to 50% dependent on the material and helix type, according to Schenck.   

For more information, visit: www.accuratefeeders.com