Arkema Launches First Line of Elium Liquid Resins

By Chemical Processing staff

Mar 06, 2014

Arkema is launching its first range of liquid thermoplastic resins under the brand Elium, which was transformed using the same processes as composite thermosets. Elium resins polymerize quickly and can be used to design structural parts as well as aesthetic elements in various applications, including the automotive, transportation, wind power and building sectors.

Composite parts made from Elium are 30% to 50% lighter than the same parts made from steel, but offer the same resistance, according to Arkema. When combined with Arkema Luperox peroxide initiators, Elium can be molded into complex design forms for composite parts and blends with glass or carbon fibers. It is also compatible with conventional thermosetting resin transformation technologies, which may reduce the costs of transformers.

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