Agilent Technologies Launches GC Columns for Energy and Chemical Industries

By Chemical Processing staff

Jan 14, 2014

Agilent Technologies Inc. launched new Agilent J&W gas chromatography columns designed for energy and chemical exploration, processing and distribution applications. The columns include extensions to the PLOT PT product line with aluminum oxide and molecular sieve stationary phases, as well as DB-sulfur SCD (sulfur chemiluminesence detection) columns designed to increase system reliability and detection stability.

Agilent PLOT columns are suitable for analysis of permanent gases and light hydrocarbons. The new Agilent J&W PLOT PT GC columns have dual-ended, integrated particle-trapping technology that prevents PLOT stationary-phase particles from moving downstream. The reduction in particle shedding may reduce downtime for system maintenance and increase efficiency.

Agilent’s new PLOT PT GC columns are available in 36 configurations, including the new porous polymer (Q and U), aluminum oxide and molecular sieve stationary phases.

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