3M Launches the Emphaze AEX Hybrid Purifier

By Chemical Processing staff

Mar 20, 2014

3M Purification introduced a new purification technology at INTERPHEX 2014. The purifier has been designed to help biopharmaceutical manufacturers achieve high product purity early in the manufacturing process.

The new 3M Emphaze AEX hybrid purifier combines 3M’s advanced polymer materials, fine fiber nonwovens and membranes technologies. It delivers an all-synthetic clarifying product line containing both an anion exchange nonwoven media and a fine-particle bioburden reduction membrane. The Emphaze AEX hybrid purifier laboratory and scale-up capsules will be launched in mid-2014, with the production capsules to be launched at the end of the year.

For more information, visit 3Mpurification.com/Emphaze.