Yokogawa Introduces ‘Wireless Anywhere’ Concept for ISA100.11a Technologies

By Chemical Processing staff

Apr 16, 2013

Yokogawa Electric Corp. has launched a new “wireless anywhere” business concept on the plant-wide use of ISA100.11a compliant wireless communication technologies for both monitoring and control applications. Yokogawa will aggressively promote this concept to widen the use of ISA100.11a-compliant products and related services. This augments Yokogawa’s existing “grow” concept, which encourages the introduction of wireless communication technologies by making a case for their inherent reliability, flexibility and openness.

The ISA100.11a standard ensures high reliability, application flexibility, network expandability, and compatibility with a variety of wired communication standards such as Foundation fieldbus, HART and Profibus. ISA100.11a full-functional field wireless network systems and devices make use of dual redundant technologies that are designed to enable a much higher level of reliability and allow massive scalability and long-range communications.

As part of this new wireless anywhere concept, Yokogawa plans to modularize wireless components to accelerate product development, promote adoption of the ISA100.11a standard and facilitate host connectivity for both wired and wireless field networks.

For more information, visit www.yokogawa.com.